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  • By Mike Webb
    May 27, 2015

    The Boston Consulting Group has produced a study on the adoption of advanced robots which is well worth reading. It predicts that by 2025, adoption of advanced robots will boost productivity by up to 30% in many industries. BCG remind us that as wage costs rise, it is increasingly important for manufacturers to improve the output per worker to stay competitive.

    How a Takeoff in Advanced Robotics Will Power the Next Productivity Surge from The Boston Consulting Group

    Robots currently only perform about 10% of manufacturing tasks whilst by 2025, BCG predict this figure may rise to 25%. The factors driving this uptake are the cost reductions and increased performance of robots. Industry adoption is strongly driven by the relative cost of wages to the cost of robotics. Industries, such as food, are categorised as behind other industries, possibly because wage cost is a relatively low at 15% of the total production cost. Interestingly at Quin Systems we have noticed a good growth in installations in the food industry. Does this signal the start of the age of advanced automation?