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    April 15, 2016

    SBC extends the range of its SMH/SMB Series brushless servo motor range by introducing a servo motor with considerably smaller dimensions (40 mm) to give a greater degree of choice and flexibility to machine builders.  The SMB series of high quality servo motors is now available in sizes from 40 mm to 170 mm, offering nominal torque ranges from 0.19 to 60 Nm and speeds up to 7500 rpm.  SMH40/SMB40 is available in two lengths (92 mm / 109 mm) which are rated at 0.19 Nm and 0.38 Nm respectively, 230 VAC.

    SMH40/SMB40 features the same feedback types and options as the rest of the SMH/SMB range, including a robust resolver interface to multiple high precision digital position feedback options. The product can also be ordered as a single cable servo motor featuring the new HIPERFACE DSL® feedback system – a completely digital and interference-free absolute position feedback system for servo motors and drives. This integrates the encoder communication into the motor power connection cable eliminating the need for a separate feedback connection cable between drive and motor.

    These servo motors use salient pole technology with neodymium-iron-boron magnets encapsulated in the motor shaft to realise higher torque and lower inertias than traditional-technology brushless servo motors.

    SBC motors can integrate with SBC, Quin and most other makes of servo drives.