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    Quin is the exclusive UK supplier of the long-life, highly dynamic LinMot linear motor products. These motors are designed for wash down applications (protection class IP69K) where fast and accurate motion is required and are therefore used extensively in mounting, packing, textile and handling machines.

    Linear motors offer significant advantages over pneumatics and other mechanical systems for applications with cyclical motions. They have longer operational life, almost zero maintenance, they give greater flexibility, dynamics and accuracy and above all they have significantly lower energy costs. The running costs of pneumatics will exceed the investment cost of LinMot motors within 12 months, typically less than 6 months and sometimes weeks.

    Visit our blog to view a case study which calculates  and compares the total cost for the replacement of pneumatic cylinders with industrial linear motors.

    Browse the extensive Linmot product range of motors – including the new linear rotary motor – and drives or contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Why choose LinMot?

    With acceleration rates of 900 m/s2,velocity of 7m/s and a peak force of 2700N, fully integrated position sensors and bearings, and a solid construction, LinMot motors and servo drives can be used as an alternative to conventional pneumatic cylinders and can lower both system and operational costs.

    To find out if a LinMot motor is the right choice for your business, contact us today, or visit www.linmot.com to learn more.




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