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  • Breast_PadWorking with a machine builder, Quin has helped a major healthcare company to improve processes and increase productivity.

    Why were we needed?

    An existing machine for forming and collating breast pads couldn’t keep up with growing production demands. A new machine was needed that not only handled production requirements, but offered more control over the process. This required a bespoke machine, designed to meet exact needs.

    What did we do?

    Initially, we prepared a detailed Design Specification that covered the scope of the project. During the machine build phase, we supplied a 16-axis SERVOnet Control System, including servo drives, motors and gearboxes. We installed this equipment in electrical cabinets and tested the system before shipping it to the machine builder. The fully-integrated system was tested to a Quin-designed specification before final installation and commissioning on site.

    How does it work?

    This bespoke machine accepts up to four reels of material, from which breast pads are formed. These are then collated into pre-defined quantities for packing. The control systems allow the customer to adjust:

    • the machine speed
    • the cut and seal phasing
    • the sealing duration
    • the product density
    • the sealing temperature
    • the collation quantity

    In addition, the application incorporates the following motion control principles:

    • tension control, including web break and reel run-out detection
    • linear and non-linear position synchronisation including phase adjustment
    • linear speed synchronisation
    • high speed indexing using absolute and relative moves
    • torque- limited absolute moves
    • registration control
    • digital control of pneumatics using software generated “cam switches”
    • data Highway communications to a PLC

    A modem in the electrical cabinet allows for remote diagnostics. It is possible to monitor up to four parameters graphically and simultaneously from any of the 16 axes, and data leading up to an event can be automatically logged for subsequent analysis.

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