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  • Quin designed a new motor-driving indexing system to replace a slow mechanical version.

    Why were we needed?

    Our customer’s original machine was mechanically driven, making it slow, inflexible and uneconomic. There was no facility to change packet size or tolerances without additional engineering work. The customer wanted a motor-driven machine that:

    • was more efficient
    • was easier to use
    • allowed products to be changed quickly
    • reduced the number of lost indexes

    What did we do?

    We recommended replacing the existing mechanical elements with a Quin servo-driven flexible indexing system. This change would achieve all of the objectives, and offered:

    • Fully programmable options to generate smooth indexing profiles with zero lost indexes
    • The flexibility to allow for different bag sizes and product change
    • Reduced wastage and downtime

    How does it work?

    The key to this innovative solution was the Quin QDrive – a combined drive amplifier and motion control system, connected directly to the encoder, photocell and motor. The system can be programmed using the Motion Generator – a calculation engine that resides in the QDrive and calculates maps from given co-ordinates – in this case the length of index. We also included a Mini Operators Panel for operator control.


    New Motor Driven Flexible System
    New Motor Driven Flexible System
    Original Mechanical System
    Original Mechanical System







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