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  • Versapack™ is the smallest and fastest integrated case erecting and packing machine on the market with the ability to pack products attractively and consistently in almost any orientation including ‘on-edge’.

    Cost-effective end-of-line automation

    Integrated case packer, case erector and case sealer

    Understanding that the end-of-line area is often space-limited, we have spent time developing a compact automatic system that allows production lines of all sizes to install automated technology.

    The new Versapack™ has a servo-driven, fast robotic case erector and the Quin revolutionary Rtheta™ high speed picking head to make your production lines even more effective and productive.

    • Packs multiple products including cartons, trays, roll-wraps, flow-wrap packs, flexible packs, bottles, bags and pouches.
    • Ideal for shelf ready display with ability to pack products flat or ‘on-edge’.
    • Compact footprint of approximately 2.6 m x 2.3 m.
    • High speed pick and place, typically 70 cycles per minute with 2 kg load.
    • Packing bags with case packer from Quin SystemsTypically 70 to 200 products/min.
    • Flexibility to provide packing formats with multiple rows, columns and layers.
    • Wide range of cases (including narrow 80 mm cases) packed at 20+ cases/min.
    • Simple servo driven machine (with clever design to eliminate the use of gearboxes and other high speed components) to reduce operating and maintenance costs.
    • Integrated case packer and case erector improves efficiency.
    • Simple touch screen operation and set-up dramatically reducing product changeover times, typically 5 minutes.
    • Payback within 12-18 months

    “I was very pleased with the planning and attention to detail of the Quin Versapack. It met McCain’s high quality standards.” –  Jim Crookes , the Project Engineer for the Bakes Line, McCain

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