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    Minimal wiring, efficient machine control and quick installation. That’s what SERVOnet provides, helping you to increase the reliability of your production line, and to extend automation whenever you need to.

    High-speed control

    SERVOnet provides modular, distributed control, allowing synchronisation between any connected motors on your production line network.

    Often, machine control is split into individual elements which are tested before integrating with the larger automation process. Each axis module used is sited close to the drive and motor, keeping wiring to a minimum and speeding up installation. Adding a new module is easy – just connect it to the network, and SERVOnet will pick up control.

    Working on the industry-leading CANbus system, designed for high-speed synchronisation and communication, SERVOnet is a fast, reliable, affordable machine control solution.

    To find out more, download the SERVOnet datasheet or contact us today.


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