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  • Swiss-made servo drives from IRT

    We distribute and support IRT servo drives in the UK, which drive synchronous servo motors, asynchronous servomotors and linear motors.

    Servo drives maufactured by IRT SA supported and distributed in the UK by Quin Systems


    • Highly reliable and efficient drives, widely used in robotics and in the machine industry
    • Compatible with virtually any motor:
      • Wide choice of interfaces including Analog, Motion profile, CAN, SSI, Pulse/Dir, Digital shaft/Gearing master, EtherCAT® and Profinet®
      • Compatible with a broad range of feedback (resolver, encoder, Hiperface, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, 1 Vpp, DSL)
    • Digital servo drives for single phase, 230 V and 415 3-phase operation, 3 A to 50 A duty
    • IRT has recently launched its FlexLine range which has one of the smallest electrical cabinet footprint in the market.
      • FlexSlim – a 2 kW drive only 60 mm wide
      • FlexTwin – 2 x 2 kW in a single compact drive
    • The launch of MiniEvo – small footprint at a competitive price – extends the 2000 and 4000 Series.
    • Expansion boards for simple synchronisation and positioning
    • Breadth of features for single or multi axis application including Safety function STO (Safe Torque Off), SIL-3 and SIL-3+ (redundancy) available as an option.
    • Cycle update rate of 125 µs
    • External DC Bus link for enhanced dynamic braking power and motor movement dynamism (AT-UL)
    • Integrated EMC Line filter available
    • UL-Listed E 208415 (AT-UL) / CE

    Please read our page on IRT drive upgrades to find out more about our support and replacement services for IRT servo drives including upgrades and retrofits for the IRT 1300 (1306, 1310, 1318 etc) and IRT 1500 series, or  contact us today.

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