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    Run your product with our Machine Simulation
    Run your product with our Machine Simulation

    Would you like to see the best way to pack your product? Is the line optimised in the best way for throughput and efficiency. Using our 3D Machine Designer combined with our extensive experience with high speed lines, an optimum solution can be visualised before manufacture. The Return on investment is typically within 18 months.

    We have a team of professional mechanical, electronic and software engineers with a reputation for expertise in high speed motion design and build.

    Our approach is backed by years of experience and a meticulous process. We provide detailed functional specifications alongside project responsibilities, so that you know exactly what you are getting, and that attention to detail is continued throughout the project and into our after-sales service.

    Advanced design that delivers

    Take advantage of our in-house motion control expertise. Our bespoke in-house tools are used to design, analyse and simulate moving parts before manufacture, and we are constantly reviewing our own products to ensure they perform at the highest standards.

    Our design takes into account all the things that make your needs unique, including space, volume, product, integration with existing lines and more. To see how bespoke design can transform your packing process, just call us today.

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