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  • Quin is the exclusive supplier of the highly dynamic LinMot linear motor products in UK and Ireland. These motors are usually found in applications where fast setting, lifting and sliding motions are needed – so in mounting, packing, textile and handling machines.

    Why choose LinMot?

    With acceleration rates of over 200 m/s2 , fully integrated position sensors and bearings, and a solid construction, LinMot drives can be used as an alternative to conventional pneumatic cylinders and can lower both system and operational costs.

    To find out if a LinMot motor is the right choice for your business, contact us today or download the LinMot linear motor datasheet.

    Alternatively you can visit our product pages for more information on Linmot motors, Linmot servo drives, Linmot linear guides and Linmot linear rotary motors.  You can also visit www.linmot.com to learn more.


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