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    Quin IEC 61131-3 Logic Controller

    The Quin Logic Controller (QLC) improves response times, reduces network traffic and reduces PLC logic scan times.

    QLC provides PLC motion control functions that are distributed across SERVOnet drives. This Quin-developed library of motion control Function Blocks covers everything from registration and tension control to non-linear electronic gearing.

    Distributed functions ensure fast response times, reduced network traffic and fast PLC logic scan times. Adding extra axes to the system has little effect on the PLC scan time and response time to events.

    Implemented using IEC 61131-3 software in addition to our interactive PTS language, the QLC opens up the power of the Quin QDrive and QControl products, and the interactive programming feature includes a facility to execute motion control functions, making motor tuning, fault finding, diagnostics and machine set-up much easier.

    Find out more by downloading the QLC datasheet, or contact us today for further information.


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