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    Take charge of your control system with our PTS Toolkit software.

    Designed to give you the ability to develop, modify, test and diagnose faults on your machine, this is a flexible software tool that is supplied with all our PTS products.

    What’s included?

    The PTS Toolkit has four integrated tools that let you write, edit, use and test PTS programs:


    The terminal communicates with the PTS, allowing you to issue immediate commands, download and upload programs, monitor status and query machine status whilst your program runs.


    The PTS Toolkit editor lets you edit PTS programs and save them onto your PC. All standard Windows editing functions are supported, so editor is intuitive to use. With PTS-aware software that shows syntax colouring and errors, it’s easy to write code quickly and accurately.

    Operator Panel Editor

    This editor allows you to create and edit the configuration files for Quin’s Operator Panels. You can edit these graphically, and the files provide a valuable backup of the individual panel’s configuration.


    Graphically tune any motor connected to the PTS whilst the motor is moving. Control gains are displayed in a dialogue box for easy access, and as you make changes, the results will be seen immediately on the relevant graphs.

    Upgrade options


    PTS Scope monitors motor positions, speed, and digital and analogue signals whilst the PTS controls your machine. That means you can handle diagnostics without having to connect test equipment. Scope is a fully-featured software oscilloscope, giving you complete control.


    Motion is a PC-based program which uses standard Windows features including graphical editing, multi-level undo and easily-navigable menus. It allows you to design and modify any motion shape, generating smooth, optimised shapes with options that allow you to check the motion is physically achievable before construction.

    Find out more about this dedicated system by downloading the PTS Toolkit datasheet, or just call us to see how we can help you make your production line more efficient.


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