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  • by Mike Webb
    11 May 2016

    Technology with a heart

    Linear motors mimic the heart in testing of artificial cardiovascular devices Linear motors are used in ...
    by Mike Webb
    02 December 2015

    Linear motors help reduce the use of antibiotics in fish farms

    Last month, scientists found bacteria resistant to the drug (colistin) which is used when all ...
    by Admin
    23 October 2015

    Total Cost Calculation for the Replacement of Pneumatics with Industrial Linear Motors

    Electric linear drives are replacing conventional pneumatic cylinders in more and more applications. The reasons ...
    by Mike Webb
    09 October 2015

    Robots in the News

    There has been a “media frenzy” of articles concerning the risks and the impact of ...
    by Robin Maidment
    23 June 2015

    Productivity increases with robotic case packer

    UK productivity figures are frequently in the news, with the BBC recently reporting that we ...