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    July 13, 2016

    Product update from IRT SA – Yet more functionality offered in a smaller footprint

    IRT SA, renowned throughout the industry for its highly reliable and efficient servo drives, has extended its range to deliver a greater functionality and number of interfaces (including EtherCAT® and Profinet®) in one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

    Servo drives maufactured by IRT SA supported and distributed in the UK by Quin Systems

    Latest product launches from IRT SA include the launch of FlexSlim, a 2 kW drive with an electrical cabinet footprint of only 60 mm and FlexTwin, two powerful 2 kW axes in the same drive with width of only 76 mm.  These products are available in two versions, standard with classical interfaces and the Fieldbus version with EtherCAT® and Profinet®, are virtually compatible with any rotary, linear, synchronous and asynchronous motors available.  Please check our website for the control feature range.
    The newly launched Mini Evolution gives excellent control characteristics with a small footprint at a competitive price. This product has a nominal power of 1.5 KW and is respectively rated for 4 Amps nominal.

    Swiss made IRT drives are extensively used in the industry and are renowned as high end, highly reliable and efficient drives. Please contact us to learn more about IRT’s latest product launches or to find out more about our support and replacement services for legacy IRT servo drives including the IRT 1300 (1306, 1310, 1318 etc) and IRT 1500 series.