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    In addition to distributing and supporting current IRT drives in the UK, we support older products, helping you to get more value from your investment.

    A new generation of drives is now available that can replace older IRT 1300 and IRT 1500 drives, which are no longer in production. As the exclusive distributor and technical support for IRT in the UK and Ireland, we can fit the new drive, re-using your machine’s existing motor, cables and control system.

    This gives you a cost-effective solution that extends the life of your machine, improves reliability and saves production down-time.

    IRT drives are commonly used in packing, wrapping and printing machines, including industry-leading brands Sapal, Bosch, SIG and Lintec.

    These drives are critical to the operation of the machine, but are subject to thermal stress, which ultimately leads to failure.

    Take a look at how we upgraded the IRT drives for a major blue-chip manufacturer in the Midlands, or contact us today to see how we can help you keep things moving.

    Our services include:

    • Upgrade packages for 1300 and 1500 series using latest IRT drive technology
    • Upgrade packages include drive and adapter cables, which will work with the existing control and motor, so providing a cost-effective solution
    • Current digital drives available for single phase, 230V, and 415V three-phase operation, 3 A to 50 A duty, with expansion boards for simple synchronisation & positioning, and a wide choice of feedback options

    Please call us to find out more about our support and upgrade services.

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