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  • Registration controllerRegistration control is more accurate & repeatable.

    Quin’s Registration Controller maintains the feed of material, or product, to achieve more accurate and repeatable registration than is possible with traditional clutch & brake techniques.

    The Registration Controller uses a servo motor synchronised to the main drive of the machine to ensure that feed is accurately maintained: regardless of slip, condition, size or length of the material. Product registration marks are detected by a photocell. Adjustment to product length is completely automatic, eliminating complex set-up procedures.

    • Automatic product length set-up
    • Accurate, on-the-fly registration correction
    • Automatic shut-down of process if accuracy cannot be maintained
    • Software clutch for engaging/disengaging material
    • Control of machines speed or synchronisation to existing drive
    • Simple installation and set-up
    • Diagnostic display and LED indications

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