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  • Tension control with lower snatch and higher accuracy.

    This product uses a new method of controlling tension that reduces snatch and can maintain an accurate and consistent tension regardless of machine speed and acceleration. It synchronises a servo driven roller or drum to an upstream roller monitored by an encoder. The ratio between them is automatically varied according to the tension measured in the material being controlled. Close tolerances can be set on the required tension and any errors or breakages detected will bring the machine to rest in a controlled manner.

    Many tension control modules can be linked together to control an entire unwinding, material feed and winding line for thin films, paper, cable or any continuous feed material. Once linked together, the line will be accurately synchronised and can be easily loaded with material using the in-built machine jog functions.

    • Easy to install and set-up.
    • Powerful status and diagnostic facilities.
    • Expandable system

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