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    Servo Motors

    sbc_motorWe are UK distributors of the range of digital servo motors from SBC Elettronica s.p.a.

    SBC motors provide high-dynamic performance through a combination of high torque and low-inertia in an extensive range of compact frame sizes, using Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets. They can be provided with resolver, high resolution hiperface feedback sensors and other options. Built to high standards, they are used in applications, such as packaging, where highly dynamic and reliable performance are essential.

    SBC motors can integrate with SBC, Parker, Quin and most other makes of servo drives.

    There over a hundred models available, each which can be customized with different flange and shaft sizes or even with different windings and voltages, so that motor selection can be optimised for your application. Quin has over 20 years of experience in specifying, installing, and supporting SBC (Parker) motors and will be happy to discuss motor selection for your application.

    Take a look at the SBC press release for news on updates to SBC’s SMH/SMB Series brushless servo motor range.

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