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    Servo Motors

    SEM servo motors


    Quin distributes and supports SEM products. Incorporating the latest permanent magnet and winding technologies SEM offers a range of brushless AC servomotors including:

    • Compact, low inertia and medium/high inertia types
    • Ultra smooth asynchronous versions with squirrel cage rotors are also possible
    • Forced air ventilation, water cooling and harsh environment specification are among the many options and special features

    Latest News for users of HR and HDM servomotors –
    SEM has informed us that they have taken the decision to cease production of HR and HDM servomotors as from 30 September 2017. We recommend that you review your use of these motors and your spares requirement as soon as possible and contact us so that we can plan the best way forward. In addition to processing last order requests we are currently working with our customers to provide a long term solution.

    If this news affects you please  contact us on 0118 977 1077 to discuss potential solutions.

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