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    Servo Drives

    Intelligent digital servo drive, QDrive4Faster, smarter, better

    The QDrive from Quin offers outstanding capability across a range of applications. With processing speeds that are ten-times faster and double the number of digital inputs, this is an intelligent, speedy digital servo drive that will make a real difference to your performance.

    Why use QDrive?

    QDrive is a powerful solution. Available with a choice of programming environments, including PTS and QLC (IEC 61131-3), and allied to a fully digital, high performance processing core, it gives you access to the full range of Quin control functions, including registration, tension control and complex cams. The intelligent motor control functions include:

    • Registration control, including shift register
    • Cams with interactive generation
    • Software gearbox / lineshaft
    • Software differential
    • Ratio control – linear and non-linear
    • Aligning and clutching
    • Position triggers
    • Tension control
    • Local & remote diagnostic capability
    • Multiple master
    • Wide choice of position feedback devices, including resolver, SinCos and EdDat
    • High-speed I/O
    • Graphical tuning and set-up software with full diagnostic capability
    • Servo motor operates as standalone drive or links to SERVOnet for multi-axis applications.
    • Caters for motors and power supplies from 110V single phase with 4A rating to 400V three-phase 30A-rated motors

    For more information, download the QDrive data sheet, or contact us for legacy support.


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